Monday, January 6, 2014

Starting Out a New Year

The days, weeks, and years go by more quickly all the time - and here we are, starting off a brand new year! I am one who has the need to treasure each day and each week - and it is a very special treat when I can take the time to capture the memories in digital scrapbooking! 

Just a fun little post for me to share the memories here ... and to thank God for His mercy and His grace - new every morning. It is a bit difficult for me to go from the busy days of holiday prep and the very wonderful celebrations together with family, and then the great trip to Denver for a student conference - right back into a full week of family and Cru ministry this week. I am wishing for some more time to relax and rest after this very wonderful and also very busy season ... But I am reminded that every day (even the busy days) can be filled with rest, and refreshment - all gifts from God as we walk closely with Him. Following Him is the best way ... for as we follow Him, we have all we need. And more. Thanking Him for His Love, His Grace, and His Mercy. Every new day.

(Credit for digital scrapbooking supplies: Page Template: Sweet Shoppe - mcato-simplebeauty1; Paper & Embellishments: Sweet Shoppe - kcroninbarrow-forauldlangsyne; Red paper: Scrap Girls - ABR_PopTheCork; Calendar from Clean & Scentsible blog.)

Click here for free 2014 calendar pages you can print or use as I have on my scrapbook page above. 


  1. Hi, Cherry. Yes, I also have treasured every one of God's blessings...busy and restful days alike. I live in Indiana and we have been hit with the big snowstorms/frigid temps here. Schools and many businesses, including where I work, have shut down. So we are all forced to just stay in and rest( a driving ban has been issued and we can only be out on the road in an emergency situation)...thought I would be loving it, but have to admit, I'm starting to get cabin fever! I love your photo scrapbook!!
    Blessings, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. Yes, always treasuring God's blessings! It was so cold here today that schools were cancelled, too ...

  2. The Lord sends many blessings when we least expect them! His graciousness is abundant! Learning how to use the time He gives us wisely. Still wanting to do more digital scrapbooking!