Monday, August 26, 2013

From the Heart

"A good person produces good things 

from the treasury of a good heart."

These words from Luke 6:45 grabbed my attention during the teaching at our church yesterday. It's what's in the heart that is of most importance. 

Our words, our actions - all reveal what is in our hearts. And all are a result of what fills our hearts. What we are in our core, in our deepest places of the heart determines the kind of fruit that we produce. Even when we encounter the storms of life. It's what is inside that will determine our thoughts, our speech, our reactions, and our actions.

I am reminded to purposefully fill my heart with what is true, and what is good. What will produce good fruit - on the good days, and also on the hard days. My part is to pursue the One who can change hearts, who can fill our hearts, and who brings a continual harvest of good fruit. 

Thanking Him for continually shaping and filling our hearts as we pursue His heart ... and thanking Him for His gifts this past week ...

Peace and trust in the midst of our tears as we learned that our sweet 15 year-old granddaughter's kidney function has dropped to 24%, and preparations for kidney transplant have begun; the great blessing of seeing our granddaughter, Crystal's, trust in God through this ordeal, and also the trust and peace that her parents and siblings are experiencing, as well; love received and love shared across the miles through phone, email, texting; finishing of the book Draw the Circle - such good encouragement to boldly pray; strength and energy for three meetings in one day - with staff, and two with volunteer groups; a picnic meeting with our CityGroup - so thankful for their passion and heart to connect and serve; sharing life and ministry with my dear hubby; the fun day caring for 4 year-old Cruz and 1 year-old Eva, giving their mommy a break and time for projects; the joy of seeing this daughter's new kitchen redo; taking two 4 year-old happy and excited boys, Jake & Cole, to preschool for their mom; showering a son with some groceries in his new apartment - so happy for him in his very own place; all that I am learning as I am reading, and writing the words of Romans in my journal; a morning of good training for CityGroup leaders this past weekend; good, beautiful veggies from our garden - bountiful harvest from the seeds we planted in the spring, well watered and soaking up the sun from the Creator.

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  1. What wonderful wisdom to remember! What we have in our hearts is what comes out. We can choose to fill our hearts with the life changing words in the Bible. Visiting from Hear It On Sunday...

    1. Yes, Sharon, always good to remind ourselves of this. And thanks for your visit!

  2. I'll be praying for your granddaughter. Such a difficult thing for a child to go through! You're right that our fruit shows and is determined by what we seek to fill ourselves with daily. We can't wait until we face trials to start filling up on God's Word and promises. I've never heard of the book Draw The Circle. I'll have to look for a copy. God bless your family and blog ministry. (Visiting from Faith Filled Fridays linkup.)

    1. Laura, thanks for your visit. You will love the book Draw the Circle - it (as well as Circle Maker by the same author, Mark Batterson) are two of the most powerful books I have read on prayer. And thanks for your prayers for our granddaughter.