Monday, August 5, 2013

Each Moment

"Moments. This is all we have. Moments.
Microscopic, fleeting moments.
How many moments of our lives
have our eyes been wide-open - 
but we've been rushing, racing,
sleeping right through?"
(Ann Voskamp)

A summer full of travels - helping family in need, and refueling at our staff conference. Now, back home again, there is a temptation to hurry and get caught up with all that calls for our attention here at home. 

And then, there was surgery last week for my sweet hubby. Thankful for a good recovery so far - we are needing to remember. To pause. And to live in the moment - in contrast to living as slaves to our "to do" lists. Taking a moment at a time. Trusting Him. Following Him. Moment by moment.

"How do we stop living like
life is an emergency -
something to be sped wildly through?
Life is not an emergency.
How do we start believing
that life can be carried only
in the hands of the unhurried."
(Ann Voskamp)

Thanking Him for reminding me - to thank Him for the moments ...

all going well for my husband's surgery 
minimal pain, even with the stopping of pain meds
trust that this surgery will bring back full use of right shoulder and arm
opportunities to serve him, as he cannot use his right arm for four weeks

open windows
the sounds of summer coming through the windows
fresh veggies from our garden
some cooler days

our fundraiser letter off in the mail
three responses already, just three days after mailing
blessed by our church and yesterday's teaching from Psalm 23
beginning stages of a City Group focused on Cru ministry

connecting with a son over lunch
long phone call from a daughter in TX, catching up
thoughtful calls and texts from all our kids
love and prayers of family and friends at time of surgery

finishing of Paris Encore
a scrapbook page completed
and now, time for a post
all a joy to me

baking of my hubby's favorite breakfast muffins
late night talk out on our patio
watching of "Foyle's War" series on Netflix
taking a break from facebook and blogs on Sunday

words in Reflections from One Thousand Gifts
a new month, and a new journal
His Words, life-giving
His Love that never fails, never ends

"Begin to find joy in what really matters ...
counting all the ways He loves."
(Ann Voskamp)


  1. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, the moments between the last thing and the next thing, and how to slow down and enjoy them.
    (Visiting from Sharing His Beauty)

  2. What a beautiful list of moments to be thankful for. Love this piece of writing. (Came via Michelle DeRusha's page).
    Blessings to you.

  3. Hi, Cherry! I love Ann Voskamp's writings and have quoted them many times! Love your list! We also love watching old movies on Netflix! :)
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds