Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blogging in 2013

It's always good to refresh, and refocus at the beginning of a New Year. I've been taking some time in the past few days to do that - and, actually, it is something that I like to do throughout the year. Maybe daily? As I always need to align myself with God, tuning in to listen to His heart.

Blogging is just one of the many areas where I am asking Him for His direction in. And as a result, I have compiled a list of the main topics that I hope to be blogging about this coming year. (These topics are also listed in my "About Me" page - click here to view - as I recently rewrote the entire page, after leaving it much the same as it has been since I started this blog in the spring of 2010. )

Writing is my way of processing life, and of learning. Always desiring to listen to God, and to follow - through all the stages of life. These are the main topics that I will be writing on in 2013:

Devo Posts
Sharing the thoughts that God impresses on me as I spend time listening and learning from Him is my main focus here. There are many times when I am so captured by His words and His heart that I must stop and write - this is what He is calling me to do.

Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer
Prayer is an area that I long to grow in, and is so much more than we usually think of. It is a way of life, of being in continual connection with God. My posts on prayer will most often be on Wednesdays.

Forever Close: The Heart of a Mother
This is a series that I will be beginning in January of 2013; look for these posts on Thursdays. Mothering is near and dear to my heart, and I am continually learning that all is by His grace and mercy. And we as moms (and also grammas) need God so desperately for this awesome privilege and responsibility.

Favorite Family Recipes
Once each week I try to post a family favorite - such fun to prepare beautiful, delicious food for our families. Look for these recipe posts usually on Tuesdays.

Homemaking Ideas
I am blessed to be a full-time wife/mom/grama at home, and love to organize, and be creative. You'll find posts here and there about menu planning, organization, and other things of the heart and home.

Thankful Posts
Living with a grateful heart, thanking God for all that He blesses us with, and all the trials that He allows in our lives (which draw us closer to His heart) is so important to me. You'll see my posts on gratitude sprinkled throughout the other posts - often on Mondays.

God's Presence in Trials
We have experienced a share of trials, and God continues to teach me more of His heart, and His love through the hard things that we go through. Some of the trials we have experienced: a season of broken relationship with a teen child, going through leukemia with a daughter, a terrible accident that almost took my husband's life, walking through infertility and loss with a daughter, and more.

Digital Scrapbooking
I switched to digital scrapbooking a few years ago, and love it. You will see some of my pages here in various posts.

Blogging Schedule in 2013

That is quite a list of topics to blog about! I love to write, and would post every day of the week if I could, but ... focusing on the priorities God has for me is of high importance to me. Which means that there will be weeks when I will only post a few days, or not at all. I am continually seeking to listen and follow His leading in how much time I should take to write. So, even though I have many things to write about, some weeks I will be more silent here (or will even need to take a break for a week or so) as I follow His leading. Seeking to listen to Him above all, and to follow closely. And desiring to be available to my husband, family, and friends. (I am so grateful for my husband's encouragement and support to write - he is my best friend, and my biggest encourager.)

Here is a general schedule for the year (subject to change) of which post topics you may find on various days of the week. I'll probably be actually posting only two to four days a week, but this schedule gives a general idea of the topics that will be covered on the days that I do post. (You'll find the Devo Posts and the posts about God's Presence in Trials on a variety of days.)

Mondays - Thankful Posts
Tuesdays - Recipe Posts
Wednesdays - Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer
Thursdays - Forever Close: The Heart of a Mother
Fridays - Homemaking Ideas / Digital Scrapbooking

Thank you for taking the time to visit - I am honored and blessed by you! Looking forward to a year of learning, listening, and following - and being an encouragement to each other on the journey.

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  1. I want to work up a schedule for my blog, yours looks great!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment! I appreciate it.

  3. looking forward to the thursday "forever close" posts! I'm a young mom with two little ones and I always love hearing advice and stories from more seasoned mamas!!! following you blog and liking your page so I can keep up!

    <3 Paula

  4. What a good perspective. I like your structure and purpose with blogging, while also remaining free to do as God leads time-wise. All helpful to think about! Thanks:)

  5. I can't wait to keep reading and seeing more of what the Lord has in store for you and your blog :)

    Carly from Missional Women

  6. Loving your schedule! I need to draft up one for my blog this year, though I'm attempting to pull myself away from the computer a bit more this year and spend a bit more time in the "real" world and work on varied crafts and home projects. I have yet to attempt digital scrap booking but would love to give that a whirl sometime, looking forward to seeing what you share here!

  7. I love your schedule, Mom...and am excited to read what's on your heart (especially the mothering series...I like to learn from the best! :).

  8. Great way to start the New Year! Wonderful schedule.

  9. HI,
    I am working on a schedule too. I blog at Under the Cover of Prayer - my first love. Now I also blog on my own site. So trying to keep them organized. My writer friends also have made a blog about Family and Faith - so I write there too.
    Any prayer posts I would love to repost on UTCOP. You have been a guest blogger before.
    Blessings on a lovely blog,

  10. Your schedule looks wonderful, Cherry! I am working on mine too... it helps me keep things a bit organized! ;)

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog. So thankful to have found you. I am your newest follower! Impressive schedule. I really think I need to so something like this for my blog, although I do like writing as the Lord leads. But I guess it's okay to toss the schedule aside when the Holy Spirit takes me another route! Nice to meet another blogger with older children :)