Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weathering the Storms

"In the place where dark waters nearly swallow you alive, 
there the Spirit of God hovers. 
There is the place God prepares to make a new creation in you."

How do we respond to the storms in our lives?

I feel like I have learned the hard way. I expected life to be storm free. A faulty presupposition, but it was there in the beginnings of our marriage and when our first children were born. And I was not prepared for storms. 

But by His grace, God has taken us through some tumultuous weather, and by His grace we continue to walk through storms. Not choosing to go through storms, but also not choosing to escape from going through storms. 

By His grace, we have weathered a number of storms: difficult, heart-breaking years of broken relationships during the high school years of one of our six children - another leaving her faith for a number of years - walking through the devastating diagnosis of leukemia for a daughter and the subsequent chemo and then bone marrow transplant - nearly losing another child to an appendicitis attack - having my husband go through a horrible accident that nearly took his life - the list goes on - and we are also in the midst of some other storms today. (And there are some wonderful, amazing answers to prayer in the midst of these storms, too.)

And I am learning, by His mercy, to thank Him for the storms, even in the midst of the storms. For storms are the surest way to draw us close to His heart. For during the wind and the rain we have nowhere else to go. And it is there, close to His heart, that we find rest, and peace. And it is there that we find the help that we need, and all that we long for. All by His grace, and all a gift.

Click here to watch a video that explains this so well. I am so appreciative of Ann Voskamp's life, and of the grace that God has given her to weather the storms in her life. This recent post on her blog contains a link to watch the first of her new DVD series, a video study of the teachings from her book One Thousand Gifts. (Click on the second video in the post - 22 minutes long - and so worth the time.) You may need to grab a kleenex box to have nearby as you listen as she shares. Especially if you have also weathered some storms, or are in the midst of some today.

"The problems of hard times 
are answered in the presence of Himself; 
God is with us
The wise stand in wind 
and pray not for the danger to pass  
but for the fear to flee." 
(Ann Voskamp)

Desiring to learn all that God has for us as we walk through the storms of this life, and thanking Him for His Presence with us, always. Thanking God for using Ann to so clearly communicate His gifts of grace, mercy, and love through the hard times of life, as well as the good. And praying for all those who have experienced the devastating storm earlier this week on the east coast.


  1. Cherry, I am single, but life has been quite "stormy" especially these last several years... yet I see the beauty of declaring Psalm 91 over our lives and how He lives up to those promises. My family went through many hard years with my brother and drugs, so I can empathize with some of the hard times with your children as well. I pray God's blessings promised in Deut 28 and Galatians 3:13, 14 (how grateful I am that He has taken our curse, and traded us blessing as this scriptures says) for you and yours... Thanks again for stopping over at my place too. :) - Pam, apples of gold

  2. Cherry - This picture drew me right in to your post today. It looks like a park we visit! God has indeed brought you through so much...and you're still standing....holding onto His hand and saying He is good. That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing part of your story today! - Julie

  3. Wow, you were brought through alot of storms! I like how you put it, "storms are the surest way to draw us close to His heart." That is so true. Btw, did you ever hear the song, "Blessings" by Laura Story?

    Found you via Faith Filled Friday. Happy to be your newest follower. :)

  4. Praying for fear to flee-yes, that's it exactly. It's funny how the storms draw us closer, it's then that we see our desperate need for something bigger than ourselves to help us through.

  5. Thanks for sharing Mom. The video was very poignant. And I find it meaningful that you posted this on the anniversary of the biggest storm of my life. Love you, Mom!

  6. Beautiful post, beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing!