Monday, November 26, 2012

Heaven in Our Hands

"A thankful attitude opens windows of heaven. 
Spiritual blessings fall freely onto you through these openings into eternity ... " 
(Jesus Calling)

These words were the ones that I read early on Thanksgiving Day - and they are the words that keep coming to my mind at the close of a very wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving with our family home. Twenty-three family filled the rooms of our home last Thursday, and love was everywhere. It seems that our time together was a "touch of heaven". 

When children are grown, and they all return home, and love is there - my mother heart overflows, hardly able to contain it all. Life is not perfect, and trials are always with us - but where there is love, and hearts full of thankfulness, it is as if we are blessed with glimpses of heaven itself. What the love of a husband and wife, and love between family is meant to be - and how can we be so blessed to hold it in our hands? A taste of even more to come ... all a gift from a loving God.

Thanking God for His innumerable gifts to us - at this time, and all through the year ...

Sharing a few of the digital scrapbook pages from our time together - possibly sharing more in the coming week ...

(And continuing my listing of thanks, everyday, in my laptop journal and iPhone journal)

(Credits: Top page: Page Template: Digital Scrapper - 06-03_SINtemplate01; Paper: mturnidge_autumnalaura; Embellishment: kcroninbarrow-gratefulhearts.  Middle page: Page Template: Digital Scrapper - 01-11_SINtemplate01; Paper: mturnidge_autumnlaura; Embellishments: Sweet Shoppe - KCB Autumn Days. Bottom page: Page Template: Digital Scrapper's ScrapItNow templates; Paper: Scrap Girls - ASO_Alluring Autumn)


  1. Heaven on earth indeed. You have invested well in your sweet family.


  2. That Thanksgiving dinner picture is perfect. It encapsulates it all in one single shot. How lovely.

  3. Oh a wonderful celebration with your beautiful family, Cherry. "All a gift from a loving God"... yes, oh yes! :)