Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soul Hunger

Sometimes I experience a hunger, or a restlessness in the midst of my day, and I try to fill it by pulling out a favorite thing to do. This will perhaps ease the restlessness for a bit, but the feeling of emptiness is likely to return. For even though I know where to go to satisfy my hunger, it seems easier sometimes to just ignore what I know and try to bring satisfaction my own way. And all around me, I see evidences of a world looking and searching, hungry, but not knowing where to find true nourishment.

I have come to call this restlessness "soul hunger", as over the years I have learned to recognize this yearning more and more. It's a deep longing, a crying out of the soul for it's home.

This past week, though busy and occupied with many things that I love, I felt the familiar pangs of hunger. Actually, this feeling of hunger can come upon us each day, and throughout the day. For just as our physical bodies need food, so our inner soul/heart longs for life-giving nourishment.

"Man shall not live on bread alone, 
but on every word 
that comes from the mouth of God." 
(Matthew 4:4)

Nothing else will satisfy. And maybe we are made for regular scheduled meals, as well as continual snacking throughout the day, all through our day - finding nourishment from every Word that comes from God. A continual feeding of the soul ...

" ... be transformed by the renewing
(or the feeding)
of your mind."
(Romans 12:2 - emphasis added, my own)

Loving Lord, in the midst of busy days and even while occupied with things I love, I choose to be fed by You, the Maker of my soul and all that I am. The only One who can truly satisfy the deep desires and cravings of my heart. 

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  1. Is that your photo? That bread looks fantastic. It makes me want to come on over and dig in. Great post on feeding your soul!

  2. the hunger is there for a reason... when we are full we dont feast.
    you go girl!

  3. beautifully true.

  4. Well said. There's only one way to fill that hunger.

  5. Meals and snacks of God's word. That's a wonderful way to put it. Thank you.

  6. oh cherry, i know this hunger so well. i think it is the longing to be home--in heaven--and the knowing that we are strangers here. homesickness. and it spurs us onward. love to you...

  7. Our continual hunger for God deepens our relationship with Him...that is, when we listen to the hunger pangs and seek Him out. I am so thankful for the nourishment I find in Him.

  8. Very good post, I too know of this hunger. Blessed I am (we are) that we know how to satisfy it, hopefully we can reach others so they may know that they can't love on bread alone. Thank you for sharing!