Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More from Cinque Terre

(Continuing on with posts about our 40th Anniversary Trip to Italy in September ... )

We had already packed all we could into the day that we arrived in the Cinque Terre region - and the next morning we were in for a real treat. After we enjoyed a very special breakfast that came with our lodging package, we walked along the pathway overlooking the sea, and the village of Manarola, and found some benches built into the rocky hillside. The perfect place to spend some Quiet Time, reading and praying - could there be a more inspiring view? And we discovered that it was also the perfect place to listen, and to hear very clearly some thoughts that God wanted to share with us through His Word and His Spirit within. There in Italy, on the coast of the Mediterranean - fresh insight. Food for our souls.

It was a great start for another beautiful day. Walking back through the village, we stopped at a little pizza shop for lunch, and sat outside using their free wi-fi, the only place in the village where we could get online for a bit to connect with loved ones back home.

Later in the day we walked the Via Dell' Amore pathway alongside the sea to the neighboring village again, this time also walking through the streets of Riomaggiore.

A day filled with a feast for the soul, and also for the eyes - such beauty everywhere. Back in our little village of Manarola, we treated ourselves to some more feasting at a beautiful little outdoor restaurant, right along the water's edge.

We left our little village the next morning, taking the train to Rome. Continually thanking God for the unexpected gift He was giving us of spending 15 days in the beautiful land of Italy. Beyond what we had even imagined, celebrating our 40th Anniversary.

(Sharing photos of our unforgettable 40th Anniversary Trip to Italy from September 5-21. Click on the links below for photos posted so far ... )

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