Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As the sun goes down, what do I use to measure the success of the day? Task-oriented person that I am, I often use my "to-do" list to determine success - how many tasks have I checked off? What do I have to give visible proof that I have been productive?

Today was a day with a lot of check marks on the page:

laundry - check
wash dining/kitchen floor - check
wash windows in the playroom - check (so good to get that done!)
clean basement bathroom - check
start writing our next newsletter - check
start printing out the envelopes for the newsletter - check
pay some bills - check
make lunch and supper for my husband and me - check
set out snacks and hot apple cider for a little gathering at our house in the evening - check
do a digital scrapbooking page - check

Yes, a successful day, if success is measured by accomplishments and check marks. But what if there is a better measurement to use?

"A successful day is one in which
you have stayed in touch with Me,
even if many things remain undone
at the end of the day."
(Dear Jesus by Sarah Young)

"Beloved, there are indeed many measures of success in the world, and most of them are meaningless. To avoid confusion, you need a rule of thumb: Seek to please Me. When communicating with me is your highest priority, I am pleased. The more you commune with me as you go through a day, the more you walk in My ways." (Dear Jesus)

"Jesus replied: 'Love the Lord your God
with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your mind.'
This is the first and greatest commandment."
(Matthew 22:37-38)

Thank You, Lord, for these words, helping me to keep things in perspective. Thank You for tasks accomplished, and thank You most of all, for reminders at the end of the day - what is most important. 

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  1. Hey there! Loved this and just the peace in your 'pursuing heart' that I always receive here. I'm going to Relevant, leaving tomorrow!, looking forward to it...thanks for being such an example of seeking Him with your life:}

  2. It is all about priorities and He should be number one. I am also task orientated so this can be so hard for me. Thank you for the reminder. great quote by Sara Young