Friday, August 26, 2011

My Third Page

This is the year for me to learn digital scrapbooking, and my progress has been a bit slower than I anticipated. Only because our lives have been busy with other things. The course I am going through (click here) is so thorough and so good, and I am now half way through!  

The page for lesson 26 (out of 52 lessons) used quite a few techniques that I had to review, as it had been a few weeks since I had done the previous lesson. But so fun - I love creating these pages, and hope to take more time for this in the future.

One year ago this month we were in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains - such good memories. And now, we are busy making preparations to leave for another wonderful, amazing vacation trip - this time to Italy! Click here to read about our big 40th Anniversary Trip! We are excited, and are thanking God for this incredible opportunity.

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