Monday, August 15, 2011

Forty Years

Counting gifts today, and counting my greatest gift on this earth - living life for 40 years now with my love and my best friend. Happy 40th Anniversary, Honey! Every year a gift; a gift that gets more precious to me with each passing year.

"Love brings a deep sense
of simply belonging."

Celebrating this weekend at Lake Okoboji ...

So thankful for 40 years of belonging to someone who loves me deeply, who is a picture of Jesus to me, and with whom I can walk closely together with through all of life.

And thanking God that we belong to Him forever ...

"I am yours for all eternity.
You have nothing to fear,
because I am with you for all time
and throughout eternity."
(Jesus Calling)

(One Thousand Gifts #601-640 - for 40 wonderful years with my love.)

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary over the weekend, and so many people I love have anniversaries in August! August is a great month for anniversaries! :) Thank you for letting Jesus bless others through you as you share through your blog.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I love the name Lake Okoboji too. Blessings!

  3. Beautiful! You look so happy -- the picture is so brilliant with the water behind you. A happy marriage is a blessed gift.

  4. Happy anniversary, Cherry! What a gift to celebrate your love this way. Gorgeous view. Many, many more to the both of you!