Friday, May 5, 2017

Reflections on April / Welcoming May

Fresh, new blossoms 
first, our peach trees,
then our apple trees.

Beauty and fragrance  
signs of new life,
gently and softly
welcome and beckon
to experience more,
to be awakened
in heart and soul.

If we open our eyes, and if we look - really look - around us, signs of God's gentle call, drawing us to life - real life - are everywhere. 

What if we embrace the simple, quiet beauty of spring, as a whisper of His love, calling us to enter more deeply into all that He has for us.

What if we would pause our busy lives, take our eyes off of our "to-do" lists, and turn our eyes and our hearts to the beauty all around us, and to His Words ...

Keep company with Me,
and you'll learn
to live freely and lightly.
(Matthew 11:30 MSG)

April was filled with blossoms on our peach trees and apple trees, fresh green leaves, grass blades taking on vibrant shades of green, and also nourishing showers amidst cloudy days. The cooler gray days preparing the way for the burst of new life and sunshine that was sure to come.

April was also filled with a fresh call to draw in closer, to respond to His gentle words of love. Sometimes when life is full - with the good and the hard - it is easier to try to make our way in our own strength, with our own understanding. But how much better when we share our hearts - everything - with the One who loves us so deeply that He gave His life for us. April was a month of drawing closer, of sharing my heart - of talking with Him/praying continually, as He says we can do - of sensing the freshness of His love. I always, continually, need these reminders to draw close in the midst of busy days.

And now, I am pausing, and listening again to His gentle words, calling us to rest, to trust, to walk closely with Him through all of life, through this month, through each day of this beautiful new month of May.

My desire is to give you
everything in abundance,
more than you expect - 
life in it's fullness
until you overflow.
(John 10:10b The Passion Translation)

Lean on, trust in,
and be confident in the Lord
with all your heart and mind
and do not rely on your own 
insight or understanding.
(Proverbs 3:5 AMP)

- - - - - - - - - -

Two helpful books, calling us to rest in His Love in the midst of our busy days ...

I finished this book last month ... and loved the insights and encouragement Shelly Miller gives about finding ways to incorporate true rest into our busy lives. I will be referring to this book in the future, as well - so good.

Click here to view it on Amazon, and here to read more encouraging words from the author, Shelly Miller ...

And I am looking forward to this new book coming out this month, May 23rd ... a 40-Day devotional book calling us to rest. If you are like me, you need continual encouragement to pause in the midst of this very full life, and rest - listening to God's words of love and truth.

Click here to view it on Amazon, and here to read more encouraging thoughts from Bonnie Gray ...

And you are invited to follow me on Instagram as I often share quotes and verses on rest ... sharing as I am learning from His Words, and from encouragement I receive from others.

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