Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morning, Noon, and Night (Heart Connect)

In this month of love, and roses, and intimacy - taking time to remember First Love. How often we forget, and focus first of all on other things. These other things are often good and beautiful - the love of family and home, and of friends - but First Love comes first. And the love for those around us becomes a natural overflow of the Love within.

For a little over a week now, I have been following God's gentle beckonings, and seeking to slow, and listen more closely amidst the busy moments and days. Taking a 70-day focus (from late January to early April) to purposely listen intently, pausing at various times throughout the day, reading His Words, seeking Him on a deep level. For we live in a noisy world, often drowning out what is most important. There is so much information before us constantly, and all the more so with our laptops, our smart phones - so many voices coming at us. And I want, and need, to listen to the One voice that matters.

Sometimes it takes a purposeful pausing - a morning, noon, and night pausing.

"Morning, noon, and night
I cry out in my distress,
and the Lord hears my voice."
(Psalm 55:17)

Just as Daniel did, even after the king gave the decree that no person was to pray to anyone except to the king - Daniel "prayed three times a day, just as he had always done." (from Daniel 6:10) A focused, deliberate choice each day, to purposely focus on the most important.

"One of the reasons that many people don't feel an intimacy with God is because they don't have a daily rhythm with God; they have a weekly rhythm. Would that work with your spouse or your kids? It doesn't work in God's family either. We need to establish a daily rhythm in order to have a daily relationship with God."  (Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker)

"Search for the Lord and for His strength;
continually seek Him."
(Psalm 105:4)

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