Monday, April 1, 2019

A Collection: Beautiful Life-Giving Words, Revive Essential Oils, Spring Pansies, and Fresh Fruit

Oh, I am so very ready for spring weather! And to start off this first day of April, here's a fun little collection of things that bring joy to my heart as I wait for the temps to rise! 

The photo above shows my current collection of life-giving words that I'm using for my treasured devo times of nurturing my heart. Spring calls for quiet retreats - listening to His Words, sharing my heart through journaling, and receiving His mercy, grace, and love ... what we are made for. 

From left to right in the  photo above:

Oh, how I have learned to love essential oils in the past three months. My use of oils began with a gift of the Young Living Premium Kit this past Christmas. I've learned a lot in just a few short months. And when I needed to replenish a few of the oils last month, I searched to see if there was a place where I could purchase the same quality of oils for less money. 

You can maybe imagine my excitement to find a fairly new company which produces the same quality of oils, tested by the same standards as the bigger MLM companies. I have been very pleased with REVIVE Essential Oils.

Spring means flowers!! I absolutely love the beauty of flowers, and can hardly wait to plant flowers in our patio pots, and flower gardens - all with the major help of my dear hubby, who has the "green thumb" in our family! 

But as I could not wait for the warmer weather to arrive, we picked up some beautiful pansy plants at Mulhall's (with a rewards coupon, so absolutely free to us)! We have three pots of these purple and white pansies in planters by our sliding glass doors looking out towards our patio. A breath of spring beauty ...

After a long, cold winter, these plates of fresh fruit remind me of  the beauty of spring and summer days, too. It was a treat to prepare these plates of spring/summer goodness this past weekend. We celebrated the birthdays of two of our grandsons ... twins, turning 10 years old, and one of their favorites is fresh fruit!

I am looking forward to this month - and though I do love all the seasons, spring is probably my very favorite season of all. 

Wishing each one reading this a
beautiful, life-giving season!

Happy Spring!

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