Monday, February 11, 2019

On My Heart: A Fragrance

It's not an effort -
the fragrance flows;
a natural overflow
from within.

The very present,
natural evidence
of being deeply connected
and deeply and completely loved
by He who is the Vine.

Blossoms, beauty, fragrance
from within. From the
Treasure within. From Him.

His sacrifice. His love.
Our greatest treasure.
And our greatest joy ...
we are the fragrance
of Christ.

"Stay so close that the
fragrance of His grace
may linger wherever you go."

(Ruth Chou Simons, Garden of Truth)

(I was recently looking through my journal, and came across these words that I had written a few months ago. And I stopped, and paused, quieted my heart, and soaked up the beauty of His Presence and His Love. With us. In us. And reflected, through us. And at the end of the busy and somewhat traumatic week that we have just experienced, I am overwhelmed again at the joy and privilege we have of walking closely with Him.)

Credit: Photo by ORNELLA BINNI on Unsplash

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