Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Digital Scrapbooking: February

It's always good to pause, and remember. And photos are such a fun and beautiful way to look back, and to cherish memories.

This digital scrapbook page that I put together this month holds more memories than are even visible at first glance ...

First of all, you can see the sweet memories from the first day of February when we celebrated our daughter Sara's Feb. 2nd birthday! Such a fun warm time together on a cold night! 

But behind these photos, 
are beautiful glimpses 
into some amazing miracles! 

It was exactly 23 years ago today that this precious daughter of ours was diagnosed with leukemia. She was just three months from graduating from high school. We will never forget that day when we received the shattering diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia. That day started us out on a difficult, heart-breaking journey of chemo, then a relapse a year later, followed by a bone marrow transplant six months after the relapse. And just look at her twenty-three years later! We continue to thank and praise God for the healing that He brought!

And I cannot look at these joy-filled photos without remembering an even greater miracle. The miracle of restored relationship with us, and with God. Twenty-three years ago we were going through a very strained relationship as parents and daughter. Not only has God healed the leukemia, but He has healed our relationship, and most important of all, brought Sara back to a vibrant, close relationship with Him. How can we ever thank God enough for His mercy and His grace in caring for our sweet Sara. 

There are miracles written all over these photos! 

Thank You, Lord,
for all that You have done, 
even above and beyond 
what we could have imagined.

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