Friday, September 28, 2018

On My Heart: Make Your Life a Prayer

Sometimes hearing it just 
a bit differently can grab
our attention in a new way.

This was the case for me
a week ago or so ...

"Pray without ceasing",
or "Never stop praying",
grabs our attention.
And we may wonder how 
that can work out in a
life full of so much
going on all the time.

Is it possible to always
be praying? To never stop?

With God's Spirit in us,
yes, we can join in with
these never-ending prayers
being offered to God for us,
and we also can continually
pour out our hearts to Him,
each day, throughout each day.

And then, these words ...

"Make your life a prayer"

Make your life a prayer.
Words that grab ahold
of my attention and my heart
in a fresh new way.

These words draw my heart
in close, and I want to grow
and learn more ... I want
to make my life a prayer.

On a beautiful, everything
going right kind of day ...
may my thoughts, my heart,
my life - give You praise.

On a day filled with harder
things, with challenges,
and even with heartache ...
may my thoughts, my heart,
my actions - turn to You.

May my life be a prayer,
bringing all things to You,
trusting You, depending on
You, giving You praise and
thanks all the day through.

 By Your grace, I long to
 make my life a prayer.

(Sharing thoughts from my heart and my journal on my birthday week. And desiring that I will grow and learn, and that I may, by God's grace - make my life a prayer - in deeper ways than before as I enter this next year of my life. Sometimes as I am reading His Words, I turn to another translation to give added insight. Last week I opened up The Passion Translation New Testament that I have, and read these words from I Thess. 5:17: Make your life a prayer. Such beautiful insight - sharing with you, and hoping it blesses you, as well.)

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