Monday, March 26, 2018

On My Heart: Our Powerful Prayers

Do you grow weary in your prayers at times?
Tired of waiting for answers,
sometimes even doubting if there will be answers?
At least, the answers that we're longing for.

I do, so often ... it is hard to wait,
heart-breaking hard.

But just maybe, there is a bigger picture.
Bigger even than our prayers,
bigger than what we have in mind.

"We need to crawl out of our smaller story
so we can see all that 
God is up to in us and around us."  
(Susie Larson)

Just maybe, God is in the midst of
writing a story more beautiful
than we can even imagine ...
and it requires waiting, and it requires
our passionate, faithful prayers.

"... my heartbreak, and your heartbreak,
they're meant to inspire passionate prayers
in us and through us
because God is working ALL things
together for His purposes."
(Susie Larson)

Lord, may I be faithful to pray;
may I never give up ...
may I listen and learn from You as I wait;
may I surrender to Your much greater plans,
and may I give You praise all my days.

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