Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome 2017

It's been a quiet transition here. After a full and wonderful Christmas season, I've taken my time. Moving from one year to the next is cause for quiet moments, times of reflection, and pausing from the busyness. 

Time is such a fleeting thing ... we hold a moment in our hands, and then it silently slips into the past as quickly as it came. We find ourselves treasuring our photos and our written memories, holding onto the blessings and the gifts of each day. And also holding onto how God carries us through all our days, the days filled with heartaches as well as the days overflowing with joy.

And now it is time to pause, and to start over again ... a brand new year is here. It will pass as quickly as this last one. Maybe even more quickly, as that seems to be what is happening with each year. Each one speeding up, and we need to make more of an effort to live in the moment.

Welcome 2017!

I love the new calendars, new planners, all the fresh starts. It always brings me so much joy to pick out a planner - it needs to be beautiful, as well as practical. And one of my favorite times of the year is this time right now - the transitioning from one year to the next, pausing for reflection, and starting out into a new year. (I have a post coming up soon with a glimpse into my planner system for this coming year.)

And as much as I love to write down my dreams and aspirations, goals and plans for a new year, there is something very important that lays the groundwork for the coming year, something that actually becomes part of my dreaming and planning for a new year ...

For I am learning more deeply as the years go by, that the greatest gift is to live right now, right in the moment where I am, in the present. To treasure the moment, and to hold it close. Holding it loosely, not clenching our hands - but holding it close. Cherishing it. 

To fully enter into the moment, to give my full attention to it. To give my full attention to whatever I am working on. To give my undivided attention to whoever I am with. To engage fully, with an attentive heart and mind. 

This may not be my natural focus, as often my default is to focus on tasks and to-do lists - but it is my prayer and my desire. And it is a challenge in this fast-paced world to pause, and to focus on the present. By God's grace, I am learning ...

For it starts with centering our moments on God. On connecting with Him, moment by moment. Bringing everything to Him. Bringing Him into all our tasks, our to-do lists, asking for His direction and help. Talking with Him about everything, for He cares about everything. Listening to His heart, filling our minds and our hearts with His thoughts. Each day, throughout each day. Living in the moment. With Him. And from this oneness with Him, an overflowing, bubbling stream of His love and grace - spilling out to those around us.   

Each moment, a gift from Him.
Each moment, with Him.

May all our days of this new year
 be filled with moments
overflowing with His grace and His love.

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