Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Light for the New Year

This new year calls to us to enter fully, though we have no way of knowing what this new year will bring. We have no way of even knowing what the next day will bring. It can bring blessing, or it can bring hardship. It can bring joy, or it can bring pain.

How in the world do we walk into each year, 
even into each day, not knowing. 

We can make our plans, but ultimately we do not know what each day will bring. But we have been told of the source of what we need, of what we need to make it through this year, and through each day. We have been told what we need in order to navigate through each new year, through each new day.

We have been given a LIGHT to show us the way.

The WORD gave life to everything
that was created,
and His life brought LIGHT
to everyone.
The LIGHT shines in the darkness,
and the darkness can 
never extinguish it.

(John 1:4-5)

Because of the WORD, because of Jesus, we have LIGHT. When it may seem that all is hopeless, when the darkness threatens us ... there is still LIGHT.

Everyday, and even throughout the day, we need to run to the source of LIGHT, for He shows us the way through His Words. For He is the Word, and He is Light. 

There is no other way to walk; 
we need the LIGHT to guide us. 

Let's make this year a year when we walk in the LIGHT, 
and when we spend time reading His WORD.

"Joshua prayed God-sized prayers because he had great faith. He knew the greatness of his God. To pray God-sized prayers, we must increase our faith. We must be in God's Word." (FIRST 5, Wendy Blight)

Sharing some of my thoughts at the beginning of this new year, as I am reading through the book of Joshua (with First 5), and through the book of John (as the church we are part of will be spending a majority of this year in this amazing book).

Thank You, Lord, for being our Light in the darkness, and that You are the Word. And Thank You for Your Word to light our path this new year, and each new day. 

(Photo from Pixabay.)

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