Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our Pacific Coast Trip

How do we even begin to thank God for the gift of our 
18-day Pacific Coast Trip?

Though we planned for it for a few years, a few months ago we wondered if it could really happen. My dear husband had some health issues that seemed to be concerning, and we weren't sure if we would be able to go ahead with our trip. But the health concerns were amazingly taken care of, and we sensed a green light to go ahead with our trip.

We just returned home last night, 
and our hearts and souls are overflowing with thanks to God 
for this amazing trip!

Celebrating our 45th Anniversary
and 25 years as Cru staff

It was even beyond our expectations and dreams!! 

I didn't post many photos while we were on our trip (just one each day on Instagram, and also shared to my Pursuing Heart facebook page) - we were having too much fun relaxing, and focusing on each moment to be on social media too often. 

But now that we are back home, I am treasuring the memories, and hoping to preserve some of these memories in digital scrapbook form. The photo above is of the first digital scrapbook page, with an overview of the four parts to our trip. 

Each part, a gift from God ... 
and each part, beyond what we even hoped for!

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