Thursday, July 7, 2016

Above All Else

Such very familiar words, words that we have read and heard often ...

Seek the Kingdom of God 
   above all else

Sometimes I think that I have a grasp on what this means, and other times I feel like I am back in first grade again. Just beginning to learn ...

Just what does it mean to
seek the Kingdom of God above all else?

What would my life look like
if I sought the Kingdom of God
above all else?

What would this world look like
if all of us who claim to be followers of God
would seek His Kingdom
above all else?

Of course, we are human, and will never achieve perfection on this side of eternity, and we will not seek Him fully and completely until we are with Him and see Him clearly for who He is. 

But we have been given a taste of Him, and we have been given His Spirit within us. To help us, and to lead us in this life.

And He tells us to 
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else. 

He would not tell us something unless it were possible,
with the help of His Spirit within.

And I wonder if this seeking 
is not something 
to be fully attained,
or checked off our list.
But instead,
it is a process;
an attitude of the heart
a thirsting for Him.
A continual thirsting 
a continual seeking,
day after day,
moment by moment.

Our primary goal and focus;
to seek after Him.
Above all else.

And this is attainable, by the help of His Spirit within.

This is attainable ...
in the same way that I seek to know those I love,
and seek to love them even more with each year, each day ...
I listen to them, spend time with them - much time, and much listening.
Listening to their words, watching their actions, honoring them.
Giving them priority above the many things that call for my attention.
Seeking to know what brings them joy, giving them the best of gifts.
Desiring to know their deepest of hearts.

This seeking Him above all else is attainable by the help of His Spirit within. It may look different for you, and for me. For we work things of the heart out differently according to our personalities, according to how we are made, according to how our heart flourishes and grows. It's all a matter of what our heart focuses on ...

Make God the
utmost delight and pleasure
of your life,
and He will provide for you
what you desire the most.
(Psalm 37:4 The Passion)

Thanking Him for new insight into familiar words, and asking for His help to guide me into a deeper seeking of His Kingdom. And praying the same for you.

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