Thursday, January 7, 2016

In the Kitchen

Taking time for a post that has become somewhat of a monthly tradition for me! Sharing a few of the things that have happened "In the Kitchen" during the past month ...

I love the holidays! We celebrated our Family Christmas on Dec. 19, just three weeks after our big Family Thanksgiving with the whole family home. And since our Christmas came just a few weeks after our Thanksgiving, we decided to do a fun alternate to the traditional ham & mashed potatoes & sides menu that we often do for the holidays. So tempura became our menu for Christmas!

We also decided to make the meal together, which made it even extra fun! It was a highlight of the day as we prepared this delicious meal together, and of course, we made so much more than we could eat that day. We sent some home with family, and also, put some in the freezer for later (it freezes quite well). Such a fun and delicious meal!

As so much of my cooking/baking efforts were put into preparing for our Family Thanksgiving, I had less time this Christmas to bake goodies ... but we definitely had enough, together with what our daughters brought!

Here are the goodies that I made (photo above) for Christmas last month:

Holiday Brownie Bars
Wheaty Thumbprints
Chocolate Billionaires
Saltine Toffee Bark

Look for some of these recipes (above) next Christmas season!

Over the New Year's Day weekend, I made a very special treat - a recipe from my heritage, New Year's Cookies! My mother made these about every year, and I decided to (finally) make them for the very first time. 

It was a treat for me to be able to deliver some to my father in a nearby Assisted Living apartment. He was very pleased ... sweet memories from the past, and especially of my mother.

Now it is the New Year 2016 - and it will be fun for me to keep on sharing some of the things that will be happening "In the Kitchen" in the future months!

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