Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Busy, and Beautiful Season of Advent

These weeks leading up to Christmas are such BUSY weeks of Christmas shopping, baking, and Christmas events ... and I am having less time to put up posts. But ... these weeks are also such a BEAUTIFUL time, as we take time amidst our busyness to pause, and to reflect on the Greatest Gift ever given.

There are so many beautiful Advent readings available, and this year I am especially loving the daily posts by inCourage on Facebook and Instagram. 25 Christmas Promises - each one capturing my heart, such beautiful gifts from God.

I've also been "sharing" them on my Pursuing Heart Facebook Page each day, together with thoughts from my heart as I reflect on God's great gifts to us. 

A few of my favorites so far (though I love them all), with my reflections that I have shared on my Pursuing Heart Facebook Page ...

Credit: incourage

Oh, I love these words ... the promise of JOY!! In the midst of our good days, and our hard days, there is one constant - God is with us!

And the JOY of the Lord is our strength. Today. Everyday.

Credit: incourage

These posts are so beautiful - one for each day of Advent. I love this one from Day One ... "IMMANUEL: God with us"! Such an amazing promise - His Presence with us!

Credit: incourage

With each passing year, I am more in awe of the AMAZING gift of the Holy Spirit. It is beyond my comprehension how we can have His Spirit WITHIN us, closer than any other. Always with us, in the deepest part of us. GOD WITH US. Always.

Thanking God at this Advent time,
and all through the year ...
for His faithful, unending gifts to us,
all that we long for.

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