Friday, March 21, 2014

March Memories

Still on track with digital scrapbooking the year so far! A relaxing hobby for me ... and also a record of family happenings. A mixture of events earlier this month - a surprise birthday party that our oldest daughter planned for her husband, a Cru High special event, and a photo sent to me of a brother's move from Akron, Ohio, to Portland, Oregon. Thankful for each of these events ...

(Credits - Page Template: Becky Higgins - template A; Paper: Digital Scrapper March 2014 Premier - heartbeat at my feet; Journal Card: Becky Higgins - cherry edition.)

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  1. I always enjoy visiting here & seeing what you are up to Cherry. I'm chuckling a bit because I too, have had grandchildren with me for a few days, but we use the store bought nuggets & a easy saltine & cheese melted in the microwave for a snack. Even with the shortcuts, I feel a bit weary but it's a great weary feeling, if you know what I mean. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia