Monday, February 17, 2014

Giving of Thanks with Photos

So far, I am on track with keeping up with digital scrapbooking the year 2014! Using a quick and easy way of scrapbooking - many pages following the Project Life style, interspersed with other pages using other template styles.

Scrapbooking each week (or even each day) as it happens is my way of recording memories, and also maybe my way of recording my gratitude. For each day is a gift from God. And I am thankful ... for God's amazing Love and the Gift of His Son, for His reminders this past week to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind", for the love my sweet hubby and I share, for our celebration on Valentine's Day (also our half-year anniversary, this year 42 1/2!), for family gathering for a soup night, for our daughter and time to celebrate her at birthday time, for grandkids to give valentines to, for a grandson who is loving to play basketball, for a new bread machine cookbook and the special gift of a new bread machine when my old one gave out this past week ... all this and more - everything, a gift from God. 

Click here to view other digital scrapbooking pages from 2014.

(Credit for digital supplies: Top page - Page Template: Pocket Life bh-template D; Paper: DigitalScrapper Jan 2014 Premier-Sweet Comforts by Shabby Miss Jenn; For God So Loved by Sweet Blessings blog. Bottom page - Page Template: Pocket Life bh-template A; Paper: DigitalScrapper Jan 2014 Premier-Sweet Comforts by Shabby Miss Jenn. Title Font: Lemon Chicken, Text Font: Lao Sangam.)

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  1. Cherry,
    Happy 42 1/2 Anniversary...and what a great idea to chronicle your gifts in are very blessed :) Thanks for sharing :)