Thursday, February 7, 2013

Close to His Heart {Forever Close}

Oh, the beauty and sweetness of mothering. Of mothering little ones, and grown-up ones. Of so much love given, and much love received. Of seeing life grow, and blossom.

The beautiful role of mothering also calls for the giving away - of our time, of our energy, of parts of our heart. These sweet little ones that God entrusts to us, needing all that we have, and then more. Our days are filled from morning till night meeting needs ... and often, we are brought to the end of ourselves.

"Motherhood turns you inside out. 
Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by how tired you feel;
the days go on and on,
and you want to be a 'good' mom,
but you feel like a failure so much of the time."
(Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe)

And is this unraveling, this feeling of being overwhelmed - possibly part of God's purpose for us, as mothers? To be brought to the end of ourselves? Not once. But over and over again. Each day. Sometimes, each hour? 

Mothering - where we are constantly teaching, guiding, and loving our little ones, and our middle and big ones. And the place where we, ourselves, are in desperate need of more strength, more encouragement, more wisdom, insight, and love than we ever dreamed possible.

A place where God wants us to be - in need. Of Him. Not just one time, but daily, and all through the day. This has certainly been true for me. A mom of six, I longed for a houseful of children. And I wonder - in His blessing us with our six, was I, their mother, the one who needed to be schooled most of all? The number of our children, the personality and character traits of our children, the situations of life that we find ourselves in - all a part of the classroom that we as mothers need to be in. 

And we find that in the giving away, and the needing of Him, that we are right where He longs for us to be. A place where we are drawn to His unending source of Love, of Peace, and of knowing Him. Which is why we were created.

"Yes, everything else is worthless when compared 
with the infinite value 
of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord." 
(Philippians 3:8a)


  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt post on mothering....It's such a privilege to be a mother....It's both the most rewarding and the hardest thing I have ever worth it though.....

  2. Thank you for the reminder of how God is closest when we are at our weakest.

  3. Wonderful post on mothering.....I have been a mother 7 times over and now a grandmother to a dozen thankful that God walks with us through it all and blesses us with such a privilege. Renee from Faith Barista jam. You can find my post at

  4. Such a nice post. And I LOVE that you have your name as "Grama". My Gramma lived with our family for a bit and then we cared for her by visiting and doing everything we could while she was at an Assisted Living place and then a nursing home. She was 85 when she gave her heart to Jesus. 2 years ago she went home at 91! We miss her and that little mention brought good memories to my mind. THANKS! Stopping by from FMF!

  5. Beautiful post. And one that I can most certianly relate to, as I am in the thorws of raising my 3 littls stair-steps. Thank you for the enocouagement.

  6. Beautiful post! My children aren't so little anymore, but I still mother, give my time and my energy to directing their lives. I am thankful for God's strength and lots of grace along the way.

  7. This is so beautiful! It has the feel of a gentle mentor, one who has been exactly where so many of us are now. One who understands and guides with compassion.
    Thank you so much for visiting me at!

  8. This is so true in my own life. I am certain that The Lord uses my children to teach and refine me, even as they are learning and growing too. Motherhood is a tremendous gift--and a hard one too. Thank you for joining my encore link up! Your post is such a blessing!