Sunday, September 30, 2012

Praying Colossians 1:22 - {Heart Connect}

Thank You Lord
for reconciling me to Yourself
through the death of Christ.
For bringing me into Your very presence
and that You see me as holy and blameless,
without a single fault.

These words from Colossians 1:22, paraphrased into a prayer, almost leave me speechless. How can it be that our holy God sees us as holy and blameless? Without even a single fault? All our guilt is gone, and there is no room to condemn ourselves or be hard on ourselves. And so amazing that we can live in intimacy with Him, in His very presence. All because of Jesus ...

How can we even begin to thank You, Lord? 
Please help me to live and walk in this truth today. 

It is such a blessing when I remember to translate His Words into prayers, taking His Words and responding to them with my heart, verbalizing them back to His heart. Trusting what He says, believing His Words, applying them to my own heart, and offering Him my sacrifice of thanks. Paraphrasing them into a prayer - something I want to remember to do more often.

Heart Connect: Living a Life of Prayer
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  1. So pretty (Fall is my favorite season!), and such a good reminder: "...there is no room to condemn ourselves or be hard on ourselves". Thank you.

    {visiting from Sunday Community}