Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Memories

April was filled with blossoms on our fruit trees, warm days amidst cooler days, fresh leaves and green grass ... and special days. Three of our ten grandkids had birthdays - my father turned 91 - one of my brothers had a birthday - a daughter was honored with a baby shower - and we celebrated Easter! I was able to make some handmade cards for some of these events, and just thought I'd share them here ... 

For our oldest granddaughter, Abigail Joy - she turned 16 this month!

For Carrie - at a special Baby Shower her friends gave for sweet baby Eva!

For grandson, Cole - he turned three early in the month!

And for grandson, Jake - turning three on the same day as his twin brother!

April memories to hold onto! And very soon, the month with many, many special days will be here - the month of May is almost like Christmas month, with all the (graduation) parties to go to, along with five family birthdays!

This year May also holds a very significant event for us - it marks 40 years of my husband and I being in full-time ministry! We've been granted a 30-Day Sabbatical in honor of this milestone, and will be taking this beginning May 1st, along with some extra accumulated vacation days. These last few weeks of April have been extra busy, as we have been working ahead, making preparations for our Sabbatical. We'll be home much of the time, taking time for rest, and for projects that God has placed on our hearts. Looking forward to all that God has planned for us during this Sabbatical! Always making more memories ...

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  1. I love all your homemade cards, Cherry! What a full, fun-filled month you've had! And May sounds even more enjoyable! May your sabbatical be restful and rejuvenating! I hope you still plan on posting on your blog and visiting us all in bloggy-land! We would miss you terribly if you didn't!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  2. Your handmade cards are lovely! I'm sure your family treasures them.

  3. Wow... what a great month for you family in April! I love your handmade cards. There is just something about a handmade card. :) Congratulations on your wonderful milestone in May!