Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cruz Turns Three!

Our sweet little grandson had a big day this month - he turned 3 years old! What a fun reason for our family to gather at Carrie & Tyler's home on the 7th, one day before his actual birthday on Jan. 8.

The theme for his party was "John Deere tractors" - a fun theme for a little guy. Carrie & Tyler outdid themselves, again, with making an adorable little cake for him. He loved it! And as his dad had told him that he would turn three right when he blew the candles out, Cruz proceeded to blow them out as soon as the cake was placed in front of him!

A few more photos of our fun time together ~

The food was delicious - I could not resist taking photos! We all brought sides to go along with the two yummy soups and the little hot dog/crescent rolls that Carrie made.

So thankful for the gift of Cruz to our family ~ such a fun, sweet, adorable little guy!


  1. what are the pinwheels in the picture? looks yummy! can you provide a recipe?

    1. Terrie, thanks for asking! Go up to the top of my blog, and click on Family Recipes - then look for the Ham Pinwheels link under Appetizers/Snacks, and you'll find the recipe. Hope you enjoy trying it!

    2. thank you so much! definitely will be trying this. I'm hoping my 5 year old loves it :)