Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Freezer Meal Day

My heart is full of thanks for family living close by, making it possible to get together for various activities and events. And last Saturday the event was: a Freezer Meal Day together with three daughters! (We missed one sweet daughter, in Texas ... would have been so fun to have her join us, as well.) And also, a son-in-law and a friend of his joined us for lunch and part of the afternoon!

This was our second Freezer Meal Day with the four of us preparing meals together. In much earlier years, I prepared freezer meals with a group of three friends (we actually prepared the meals in our own homes, making four of each dish, and then met to exchange and share our dishes). And now ... it is so fun to get together with three of our four daughters to work on freezer meals. So helpful to have some ready-made meals in the freezer in the coming weeks/months ... and also, so fun to spend that time together.

We're starting out with a manageable plan ... each daughter brings the ingredients for one recipe (enough to make four dishes of it), and I supply the ingredients for two recipes. That is our plan for the present, as we also have five kids in the house as we work: three two-year old boys, a three year-old girl, and an eight year-old boy ... never a dull moment! We may get braver and handle more recipes the next time!

The five recipes we made this time were:
Cheddar Beef Enchiladas
Summertime Chicken Tacos
Turkey Tetrazzini
Greek Spaghetti

And ... the day was all possible because of the help of my sweet hubby, and grampa to these five kids. All five had so much fun all day, and were such good kids! They played downstairs in the playroom, all over the main floor of the house, and also, lots of time outdoors. They especially loved the trampoline. And all the while (except for a good nap time), Grampa watched over them ... thanks, honey!

Our only major mishap of the day was when one of our daughters twisted her ankle while stepping out the front door to bring in more things from her car. She was holding her sweet little daughter, was able to  protect her from harm as she fell ... and ended up with a hurt ankle, which she kept ice on for most of the day. We're thankful that the damage was not worse (a doctor visit and x-ray later showed no fractures), and thankful for kitchen stools to sit on as she helped with food prep!

Pausing for a photo at the end of the day ... we were all tired, but thankful for the good time together, and thankful for 25 freezer meals prepared for the days/weeks ahead! 

Thanks, Amy, Sara, and Carrie ... loved spending that time with you! And thanks, loving God, for sweet daughters ... 

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  1. you got some good photos to capture our day together, Mom! i had fun, and my boys had tons of fun playing with their cousins and grampa. and it feels so good to have all those meals in the freezer!

  2. What a fun day that was. Thanks for hosting it and letting us make a mess in your kitchen! We loved spending the day there. We have already enjoyed the yummy pizza loaf!