Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Page

A few months ago I made a big change ... from regular scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking! I love to scrapbook (recording a history in photos and words of God's faithful love through all the good times and hard times in our family), but don't have as much time for it as I would like. I am hoping that doing it digitally will make it possible to get more done.

The first step was to purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and an external hard drive. And now ... I am in the midst of learning how to use Photoshop Elements. I came across a great online class that teaches the basics of Photoshop Elements, and also how to scrapbook with it ... so thankful! It even has a manual to print out, and follow along with while progressing through the 60 lessons online.

A great online tutorial course!

Viewing the lessons on my laptop ...

And reproducing them with my own photos in my Photoshop Elements ...

After a number of lessons covering the basic essentials of Photoshop Elements, I am now on the lessons teaching digital scrapbooking. Last week I made my first digital scrapbook page ... quite a simple one, actually, as it used a template. But an accomplishment, and I thought I'd share!

Welcoming our youngest son home after a three-month job on a fish processing vessel in the Bering Sea!

Trying to take a bit of time here and there each week and make more progress ... and so thankful for this online class!

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  1. it looks great, mom! i'd love to see your program sometime.