Monday, June 18, 2018

On My Heart: The Growth, the Beauty, and the Fruit

"If we long
to face each day
prepared and equipped,
we need to start each day
inspired and steeped
in the Word."
(Elisa Pulliam)

"God uses it (His Word)
to prepare and equip His people
to do every good work."
(II Timothy 3:17)

may our roots grow down deep
into Your Word this week,
today. The growth, the beauty,
and the fruit that we long for
comes only from You.
Soften the soil of my heart,
fertilize my thoughts, my very soul,
with the richness of Your Words.

Photo: continued lessons from our flower plants ... a little corner of our veggie garden holding the varied brilliant colors of Vinca, beautiful purple Laurentia, and bright red Superbells (Calibrachoa).  

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