Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Quieting My Heart: The Most Important Thing

in the midst of these
full and wonderful days
of Christmas,
our most productive thing
is to pause, 
and to be still.

For in pausing -⠀
letting our souls catch up⠀
and be refreshed -⠀
we find what ⠀
we all long for.⠀
And in our pausing,⠀
our eyes are opened⠀
to the beauty⠀
and the peace that⠀
He came to give us.⠀
“For it is in⠀
filling up with Your love⠀
in times of stillness⠀
that my capacity⠀
to give love away⠀
(Shelly Miller)⠀
Filled up, to give away -⠀
the gift of His Presence,⠀
enabling us to be ⠀
a gift to others.⠀

(free photo from pixabay)

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