Tuesday, May 7, 2024

March and April Recap

It's hard to believe sometimes, but this is the calendar year of our 75/80 birthdays! The first number is mine, the second one my dear husband's! At times we look at those numbers and are in disbelief, and at other times, we are realizing that ... yes, it is true; those numbers belong to us. 

Related to our ages, we have been involved in a big change in our home ... and thus, it has been rather quiet here on my blog the past few months. (I have not had the time to write here a few times a month, as I often do.) We have been fully involved in the process of the most amazing, and most unexpected change in our home!

When our six kids (and their families) were all home for Christmas, they gave us the most amazing idea that we should remodel two smaller bedrooms on our main floor into one larger Master Bedroom! The primary purpose of the remodel would be for us to move our bedroom from an upper level of our home, onto the main floor. Why hadn't we thought of that before? This makes so much sense especially as we are growing older.

Our two sons came up with the idea, and one of them drew up a plan that was just perfect. A builder that we know was available to start on it the last day of February.

Over the next three weeks, we went from having two smaller bedrooms on our main floor (pictured in the photo here) ...

To having a beautiful, spacious Master Bedroom Suite, complete with direct access to the bathroom on the main floor. It is absolutely lovely, beyond what we would have dreamed of on our own. Our bed is on the north end of the room, and ...

on the south is a cozy seating area!

In preparation for this remodel, we needed to move everything out of those two existing rooms. The rooms each held a fairly large closet just filled up with things. Who could even imagine how much we had stored in these old closets? Together with also going through things in our old bedroom, and also in my husband's former office, we have been quite busy these past two months. We have had boxes and piles of so many things all over the other rooms of our home, as we have made decision after decision of what to get rid of, and what to keep. It has been a lot of work, and it has brought us a lot of joy, too! 

The process of our remodel continues, as we are choosing to continue slowly, taking our time with making the best decisions. We still need to put up new curtains, put up another bookcase, purchase some comfy swivel recliners, and add some more decorating touches to our new bedroom suite. Such a fun process; we are loving our new space so much. And love being on the main floor; so fun, and so very essential as we enter our 75/80 year!!

We also just returned from a seven-day trip to visit two of our daughters and their families ... one near Dallas, TX, and the other in McCook, NE. It was the perfect time to get away, and enjoy several significant events that some of our grandkids were involved in. We are thanking God for the gift of family, and also thanking Him for the idea they have given us to have this remodel done, creating such a restful, refreshing space for us.

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