Friday, December 25, 2020

Our True Christmas Light


This Christmas, maybe more than ever before, we need Light.                        
The kind of light that overshadows darkness,
that pierces right through the darkness.

This is the Light
that came to our world that first Christmas Day so long ago.
A dream come true; the very best kind of dream come true.

The light foretold and anticipated.
A plan to rescue us from the darkness,
to bring us light for our souls, our homes, our world.
*"The true light that gives light to everyone."

And this Light still shines, and still shines brightly
through all these years, and through all eternity.
IMMANUEL: God with us.

In the days of Roman rule in Israel,
in our days of pandemic, uncertainty, and deep concerns,
He is our Light that pierces through the darkness.

Let us celebrate with JOY
this Christmas, and all year through!
A LIGHT that overshadows all darkness.

*From John 1:9

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