Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Embroidery: A New Project

Things have been quieter than usual here on my blog, and also on my Instagram account. We've just recently made a huge transition in our lives, having moved off from ministering full-time with Cru, to a new position of "Staff Emeritus"! We've loved our 29 years with Cru, and now, are loving being able to enter into this new season of retirement!

Even though we're continuing to honor the COVID-19 recommendations for the "vulnerable age" category of life we are in, life has been full these past few months! Lots to care for in big transitions, in addition to cataract surgeries for my husband and some other recent medical appointments as well. 

But in the midst of it all, I've been continuing to love a new hobby that I picked up in April ...

I have loved continuing on with some embroidery projects. A great thing about embroidery is that it can be picked up for just 15 minutes at a time, in the midst of a full life. Click here to read how I got started on it the beginning of April. I completed my first project (above) the end of May. I loved this tutorial (with videos) teaching some of the many stitches while creating these beautiful little flowers.

My second project is learning with another embroidery artist - click here. For a small price you can purchase this pattern (above), and with it comes a YouTube tutorial where each stitch is demonstrated. I am loving this project, and already have my sights on more of her patterns for the future!

What a perfect, relaxing way to finish off a day ... stitching and creating a beautiful embroidery design which points to the beauty of God's creation. I love having flowers growing outdoors on our patio and in our gardens, and also, I love these indoor flowers coming to life as I stitch!

What are some hobbies that you're enjoying these days?

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