Thursday, November 21, 2019

Simple Home Beauty: Bringing Autumn Indoors

Are you a "homebody"? I sure am! Maybe that word has a negative connotation to some people, but not to me. I just love the simple joys of home. So much of life happens in our homes. It's where we gather together with those we love, where we prepare our meals and gather around the table, where we come to be refreshed and energized for this wonderful, busy, full, and often crazy life.

Homebody: One who enjoys
the simple pleasures and activities
that center around the home.

Don't you just love this definition of "homebody"? It's taken from a sweet little book I'm slowly reading through by Melissa Michaels ...

And do you love the various seasons of the year, as I do? The varying seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter each give us a sense of new beginnings, and also provide new and refreshing ways to bring warmth and joy into our homes, which in turn bring rest and refreshment to our souls. 

For each season of the year gives us opportunities to bring the beauty of outdoors even into our homes. Autumn is a prime time to showcase the brilliant and soul-feeding colors of outdoors! I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite indoor glimpses of the beauty of the season.   

I absolutely love this table centerpiece, purchased a year ago from Kirklands. The tablecloth and plaid placemat were purchased this year(the tablecloth on "clearance"), and I think the plaid placemat was either from Kohl's, or from Target. 

This little fall display on the dining room buffet is mostly from purchases from a few years ago, but the little cozy white house (with light inside) came from the "dollar" bins at Target this year!

And moving to another favorite room in our home - the kitchen!

This fall display (above) is on one of my kitchen countertops. First of all, you need to notice the beautiful tile backdrop that one of our sons-in-law put up for us ten years ago when he remodeled our kitchen and dining room for us (thanks, Tyler)! The muted olive green tray was a Christmas gift last year from one of our daughters (thanks, Cristy!), the gorgeous vase with fall flowers was a purchase from Kirklands this year, and the framed "Home Sweet Home" art was a purchase from Michael's this year as well.

On another counter in the kitchen, you'll see the fun little "Happy Pumpkin Spice Season" decor, a purchase from another year. Also the artificial green plant beauty was a gift from another daughter (thanks, Carrie!), and the Gold Canyon scented candle and stand were purchased from the same daughter who has been selling for Gold Canyon!

Some people are putting up their Christmas decorations already, but so far at least, I've always chosen to wait until after Thanksgiving Day. I just want to hang onto the beauty of autumn till then!

Our awesome God is the CREATOR
of all the autumn beauty, 
and it really does feed our souls! 
Such joy in bringing little glimpses
of His beautiful art into our homes - 
refreshing us, energizing us ... 
each day of this amazing season. 

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