Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Word(s) of the Year for 2019: Undivided Heart

In the midst of resting up, cleaning up, and treasuring the memories from our wonderful and very memorable Family Christmas - just three days ago - I am thinking about this brand new year  ...

In a world of so many things, so much to pay attention to, so much to do, how can I (and you) keep a clear focus? How can we use our precious days and moments to nurture what is most important to us? How can we keep from becoming frazzled and used up? How can we care for our own souls, and in turn, be able to give our best to those we care for the most? 

How can I live with an undivided heart
for what matters the most?

What is it that matters the most to me? To you? Our lists may be different, but the core will be the same ... what matters the most is what makes us come alive. What is life-giving, what feeds our souls. Maybe even, what we are created for.

What matters the most to me ...

Immanuel: God with us. 
Living each day experiencing the greatest love there is: God's love and presence with us. This is what we are made for, and what is most soul-feeding, and life-giving ... walking closely with God. Our greatest gift, our greatest privilege.

My precious husband and family.
Every year that passes I grow more in love with Gary, and also with the family God has blessed us with, gifts beyond measure. I don't want to be too busy for the people I love the most.

Kindred friends, and all those God brings us to love.
The gift of friends becomes more precious with each passing year. We are made for community, for loving and caring for others, and I want to make room in my heart and my days for them.

Our home, a place of refuge, of belonging.
Home matters to me; it's where we spend so many moments, where we are refreshed and energized for all that God has for us. It's a place to share life with others, a place of rest.

Encouragement and care through words, through writing.
Writing is how I process my thoughts, how I learn and grow, and often, how I encourage those around me. Using our words is how we communicate, how we seek to grow and understand, and how we share things of the heart. 

What are the things 
that matter the most to you?

Today, at the start of this New Year 2019, I am asking God to show me, to lead me through the year, each day, each moment, towards what matters the most.

I am asking for an 
"undivided heart".

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