Tuesday, August 28, 2018

On My Heart: Never Stop

every day, all
through the year.

Letting our roots grow down deep
into Him - reading His Words,
quieting our hearts, listening ...
soaking up every word, every thought
that comes from Him.

Remaining in, abiding in,
sharing all with Him.
Never stopping to pour out
our hearts to Him ...

"Never stop praying";
a continual, constant
relationship - what He came for,
what He died for; the greatest
of all relationships - a gift.

All year long, every day -
letting our roots grow down deep;
never stopping.

"Stand firm and secure.
Live your lives with unshakeable
confidence. We know that we
prosper and excel in every season
by serving the Lord, because we
are assured that our union
with the Lord makes our labor
productive with fruit that endures."
(I Cor. 15:58 The Passion)

"How do we remain steadfast?
Certainly, not by our own might or strategy.
Our only hope is to anchor ourselves
to the steadfastness of God,
who calls us to abide in Him."
(Ruth Chou Simons)

(Thoughts from my heart and my journal, overwhelmed with gratitude for relationship. Renewing my heart to the continual, constant listening and letting my roots grow down, to the "never stop praying" - what it means, what it is: the greatest privilege of being in relationship with Him.)

And the photo above: 
taken in 2016 while in the beautiful seaside town of Carmel by the Sea, California. 

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