Monday, July 2, 2018

A Mother's Heart: In So Many Places

How can a mother's heart
be in so many different places?

Last week ...
my heart was in Omaha
helping a daughter pack
up her kitchen, her life,
as she made a move 300 miles away
with her dear hubby and two sweet kids.

And after going along
and being part of the excitement
of the move, of the settling in,
this same mother's heart 
overflowed with tears
as we said good-bye, and left
to drive 300 miles back to our home.

The very next day,
my heart was in San Francisco
(where it is every other day, as well),
as a dear son celebrated his birthday.
And I wished to give him a warm hug,
and an "I love you".

And now, two days after that day,
my heart is making preparations
to welcome another dear daughter,
her hubby and two of her kids,
for a sweet visit from Texas.

And as my heart is overflowing,
and is tearful, and is grateful 
for these two daughters, and son -
it also is stretched across the miles
to another dear son in New York,
and to two precious daughters
who live nearby.

How can a mother's heart
be in so many places?

Only by God's grace ...
held so close by the One who is Love,
and the One who holds all things 

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