Monday, June 4, 2018

A Collection: In Our Yard, In the Kitchen, and a New Devotional Book

I think I like this type of post ... a little collection of various things from the past week. You can read my first one here.

In Our Yard ...

Oh, how I love this time of year - my favorite! And each year we come to love our patio flower planters, our various little flower gardens, and our veggie garden even more. How amazing to plant the little seeds, or plant starts, and then watch them grow. Such beauty ... and all, a gift from God.

I shared these photos and these words on Instagram this past week:

"A new planter for our patio table, 
filled with pretty little stones, potting soil,
some Osmocote Plus (timed release plant food), and ...
little white & purple Catalina flower plants!

These delicate flowers will share their beauty with us
over meals and gatherings this summer!
A little bit of prep and care on our part ...
and God will bring the growth!

And maybe it's the same with us ...
taking time for some tender loving care for our souls
at the start of summer days, and each day,
and the growth and the beauty will surely come."

 In the Kitchen ...

We've had so much going on during the past month, that I have become a bit lazy with my food prep and cooking.

But the start of June brings with it a new fresh desire to prepare fun summer meals for my hubby and I, and for any who come to our table.

I started out with purchasing a 6# pkg of chicken breast, dividing it up for 4 meals, preparing a favorite Teriyaki Marinade Sauce to put over the chicken, and freezing it.

It will make for a few easy meals in the next weeks ... just pull out, thaw, and grill for a summer meal together. Click on the link for the recipe here on Pursuing Heart:  Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Marinade.

I'm also hoping to have a good amount of main dish salad meals ... especially for lunches ...

And using some new colorful salad bowls makes the main dish salads even more fun! These two are a recent purchase, from the Pioneer Woman dish collection. I love the size of these bowls, too - just right for a lunch salad. The salad in the photo holds cut up spinach mixed with part of an Asian Chopped Salad mix, with added shredded roast chicken from the deli, and dried cranberries. 

A New Devotional ...

Last week I shared what I am currently reading (click here), and this week I have added another book to my little pile of books that I am reading now ...

I first came across this book on my Instagram feed. A brand new book, Unblinded Faith by Elisa Pulliam, featuring 90 days of devotional readings, all centered on God's Word, and all focusing on believing His Word through all of life. Through the good and the hard. It sounded perfect for what I am desiring for these summer months, and having read the first 4 of the 90 days so far, I am refreshed and encouraged, and so very thankful for this little devotional. If you like to go through a book together with others, you can check out the facebook page that goes with this book ... click here.

Happy June! Enjoy the beauty of this month!

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