Thursday, May 10, 2018

Each Day, Listening and Watching

It has been five months now since the start of the new year. (How can it be five months already?) And it is time to refresh my thoughts. 

Spring is a time for new life, for welcoming thoughts that bring new life to our souls. Spring just naturally does that for me ...

Have you noticed how busyness and responsibilities can take our minds off of the things that really matter the most? We can become so immersed in what we are doing, in what we are accomplishing, that the task or the responsibility slowly becomes our main focus.

And we can miss the beauty of each day; we miss the beauty of His Presence.

But spring brings in a breath of sweet, fresh air ... reminding us to look up from our work, calling us to see His gifts all around us.

Reminding us that our main focus each day is simply to open our eyes and our hearts, and to listen and to watch. And it requires a being still to hear what He has for us, and to truly see His Presence in our lives.

What if ... our main focus each day is to see Him? 

"Show me Your unfailing love
in wonderful ways."
(Psalm 17:7a)

In the midst of whatever I am doing today ...
as I persevere through a responsibility or task that I need to care for,
as I go about the routine activities of my day,
as I face a problem, a set-back, or a recurring health concern,
as I listen to a friend, or a family member,
as I receive that unexpected phone call or text message,
as I pause and step outdoors on a beautiful spring day,
whether this day brings the good or also the hard ...

Whatever comes my way today, 
may it not become my main focus.
May my main focus be to watch and listen. 
To watch and listen for You,
to open my eyes to the 
gifts of Your Love, Your Presence.

Immanuel, God with us

May the most beautiful part of each day be You. 

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