Thursday, April 26, 2018

My View

This ⠀
has been my view⠀
much of the past few days.⠀
Sometimes when we’re⠀
forced to take a break⠀
out of necessity ⠀
(for me, something in my lower back
moving out of place),⠀
it can turn into a blessing.⠀

Our busy pace slows,⠀
and we have time to listen.⠀
To listen and to really hear.⠀
So our pain can become ⠀
our place of rest, our restoration.⠀

This is what I was longing for,⠀
though this doorway to peace⠀
and to rest, was a different doorway
than I would have chosen.⠀
But I would have missed the view⠀
and the peace in this place⠀
if I had wandered, and searched⠀
for peace on a different road.

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