Monday, January 8, 2018

Quieting My Heart: What will be my Focus?

What will be my focus?
When I look into this new year
with joy and anticipation,
but also with concerns and uncertainties;
what will I fix my gaze on?

What will be my guiding light,
the beacon that leads me through the year -
the strong tower that will always be there;
what will be my constant, 
my main thing, my everything?

Will I expect perfection, a life of ease;
will I strive for it, use up my energy for it?

Or will I choose, instead, a different path;
will I choose a path of rest?
Will I choose Presence, His Presence?

"The secret of joy
is always a matter of focus;
a resolute focusing on the Father,
not on the fears."
(Ann Voskamp)

At the start of this new year,
by His grace and by His strength,
I will choose Presence;
focusing on Presence over fears;
receiving the greatest of gifts ...
the Joy of His Presence;
peace, rest, deep joy -
moment by moment, today,
and every day.

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