Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Quieting My Heart: In the Unseen

What is
most important today?
The things that we see,
or the things that are hidden.

“Martha, my beloved Martha.
Why are you upset and troubled,
pulled away by all
these many distractions?
Are they really that important?
Mary has discovered the
one thing most important
by choosing to sit
at My feet.”
(Luke 10: 41-42 The Passion)

“Squandering time with God 
in the hidden place 
was turning me into one
who would do anything
to bring Him glory
on the earth.”
(Sara Hagerty)

In the hustle and busy
of this month,
in this coming holiday season -
may I freely offer up
precious time to
nurture my soul and heart
in the quiet, in His presence,
in the unseen.

“We live for what is
right in front of us,
while God is ever so gently
calling us to the unseen.”
(Sara Hagerty)

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