Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Springtime: Starting Flowers Indoors

Quite unexpectedly, I got the urge the last part of March to start some flower seeds indoors. I did a bit of research to see which kinds of flowers would be best to plant indoors, which ones would still have time to sprout and grow in time to be planted outdoors in our patio planters or in our flower beds in the yard.

This actually was quite unusual for me, for though I love flowers and love spring, my hubby is the one with the "green thumb" in our family. I greatly enjoy the beauty of our flowers, and our veggie garden, and I do help quite a bit. But for me to take the initiative and do the planting of the seeds myself, this was a bit unusual. Of course, I am blessed to have a great coach and encourager, who gave me good advice.

I found some cute little white wooden trays at Target (just $3 each in Target's fun dollar section), and picked up some little peat pots, seeding soil, and some flower seed packets at Mulhall's. And on Saturday, April 1st, I planted 30 peat pots with flower seeds; 5 different kinds of seeds, and 6 pots of each kind. 

Sunshine and water ... and these little flower plants are growing! I move them from one spot to another throughout the day, trying to catch the most amount of sunshine indoors. And recently we've set them outdoors on some beautiful spring days that we've been enjoying.

The three photos above were taken just two weeks after the planting of the seeds. So amazing to watch the growth! It often reminds me of how we grow, steady and sure, as we take in the water of His Word, and soak up the sunshine of His Love. Our Creator and Lord brings the growth, as we faithfully, day by day, feed our hearts and minds with His Truth and His Love. 

So very beautiful as I watch the growth! This closeup photo (above) was taken just one week after planting. I love all the beauty of new life in the spring - each one, a gift from God!

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