Monday, March 28, 2016

I Will Praise You, Lord

It was exactly one month ago today, that a new dimension was added to our lives. Our story as a couple now holds the dimension of having had a stroke. You can read more details of the stroke on our family/ministry site by clicking here.

And now, one month later ... after a three-night hospital stay for my husband, followed by multiple doctor visits and emergency room visits since then, we continue to be filled with thanks. It is always good to give thanks. There has been concern, even fear at times, and most certainly, there have been tears ... but underneath all, there has always been thanks.

Thank You, Lord ...

  • for Your presence with us when the unexpected enters our lives, that You can be trusted with all that You allow into our lives
  • that there were no damaging results left from the stroke
  • for all the testing that was done in the hospital to find possible causes
  • for our precious children who were by our side through the hospital stay, and each time we have needed them since then
  • for friends who have supported us through this time, and who faithfully pray for us
  • for the medical staff and doctors who continue to call for tests to determine the cause of the stroke, and who are continuing to make decisions regarding the best treatment to prevent a repeat stroke
  • for the stroke specialist, whose further testing has revealed some issues that still need to be dealt with
  • for my husband's steadfast faith and trust in the midst of this ordeal, never wavering
  • for Gary's recovery, and his perseverance and passion to continue on with Cru ministry even in the midst of this month of doctor visits
  • for the great, priceless gift of my dear husband -  the one I love above any other, for each new day together, for sweet, faithful love through our forty-four years together; all a gift from God
  • for God's promises and faithful presence with us each new day; for peace amidst the storms of life, and for a deep hope and anticipation of our eternal, forever home

It has been quite an adjustment for us as a couple and a family to have had this new dimension added to our lives. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors with the continued tests and doctor appointments. Please pray for us - for peace, trust, and for surrender to the story God is writing in our lives. All for His glory, and for our good. And please join us in our thanks and praise to Him!


  1. So glad to hear he is well & no damaging results! Praise God! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Thankful and praying.


  3. Cherry, I say it again, you are a gifted writer with such a sweet and loving heart. Strokes are very scary, and are so thankful for God's care and protection over Gary through all of these events.