Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Walking with Our Smallness

When you make a mistake, when you have a bad attitude about something or someone, when you are anxious or worried, do you sometimes try to fix this uncomfortable place you find yourself in, all on your own? To try to "fix" it, erase it, or even hide it. To try to cover it up, hiding it from reality? Do you find yourself walking this route more often than you care to admit - as I, myself, often do?

We waste so much time trying to escape mistakes, worry, bad attitudes ... when they are just part of our living in a broken world; a part of our humanity.

But what we do with these things that are part of our humanity is crucial. We can hide them, try to cover them up or change them on our own, or ... 

We can admit/confess them to 
our Creator, our Savior. 

Is this what living in our weaknesses and humanity is all about?

Is this what living humble, living small is all about?

"Rather than resenting my weakness,
I believe Jesus is asking me to
confess my weakness."
(Emily Freeman, Simply Tuesday)

We can choose to live a life of smallness, of confession ...
  • to honestly bring our realness, our mistakes, our failures, our successes, our everything - to God.
  • to admit, acknowledge, declare our smallness to Him - instead of hiding, and covering up.
  • to lay everything out in the open to our loving God.

I have had to learn this, again, this very week, as I have tried to "fix" something on my own. Isn't this what we do? And this in itself, is part of our humanity. And we can bring even our attempts to fix our mistakes on our own, to Him. If we do, if we admit and accept our own smallness, we will find that we will live the life of freedom that He designed us to live.

Keep company with Me,
and you'll learn to live freely and lightly.
(Matthew 11:30 MSG) 

"There is still responsibility and action that comes from me.
But my action is not to make right, to make whole, or to make better.
My action is to usher my abilities, inabilities,
failures, and successes all into the presence of Christ."
(Emily Freeman, Simply Tuesday)

Sharing thoughts as I continually learn more of what it means to embrace smallness, to confess and admit everything to Him ... and also as I am reading through Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World by Emily Freeman. (reading chapters 10-12 this past week).

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