Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Freezer Meal Session

It's always fun to have Freezer Meal Days with my daughters who live nearby, and we usually try to set aside several days a year to prepare freezer meals for each of our homes. But it has been awhile since we have had one. We finally had a mini-version of one the first Saturday in March. 

I had planned to prepare some freezer meals for Amy to have on hand for her family when she is gone to TX for transplant, and also for her to use when she returns home from being a kidney donor for her niece (and our granddaughter).

Sara offered to come over and help me prepare the meals for Amy (plus some for her freezer and mine) ... such a treat for me to spend that time together with her. Jake & Cole were willing helpers in the kitchen for part of the time, as well. I am so blessed to have family live nearby ... 

I picked recipes for three easy-to-grab meals for days when Amy's family needs quick and easy meals. They are all recipes that we've made before for the freezer, and know that everyone loves them.

It's fun to see various Freezer Meal plans on blogs, with printable recipes and plans to use. When I have the time, maybe I'll post some freezer meal plans in the future. This combination of recipes would make a great freezer meal plan to use over and over ... filling our freezer with these three sandwich type meals. Easy to prepare, and easy to heat up for a quick and yummy meal.

For more posts on our freezer meal days, including some recipes:


Linking up with Jessica sharing how I use my Fringe Hours ... taking time to prepare freezer meals with a daughter ... and later, scrapbooking the memories!

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